About Us

Building a strong community

Giving back to the community

We are here to provide help to the Pakistani community living in Nova Scotia especially Halifax.

Please feel free to email us at info@picans.ca

Creating Lifelong Memories

Create memories by visiting one of our events and connecting with the community.

We are a team of passionate people

We have set our agenda to help Pakistani people living in Canada and other diverse cultures to come together and spread peace and harmony.

Our Board of Director

  1. Ismat Ali

  2. Taqiuddin Hashmi

  3. Mehmooda Farooq

  4. Muhammad Ali Raza

  5. Farhan Pir Muhammad

  6. Faisal Abbas

  7. Afshan Memon

What Others are Saying

"Our neighbors went on a Canadian adventure last summer and did it all through the Pakistani Canadian Association. They had such an amazing time. We had to go see Canada for ourselves and we are so happy we let the Pakistani Canadian Association guide our way. They took care of everything and gave us the best adventure of our lives."

~ Iqbal

"Pakistanis in Canada would have been a great time on our own, but the Pakistani Canadian Association made it amazing!"

~ Aslam